Binding - WIRE BINDING - BINDING - Wire-O Bind 3500/5000

A highly successful companion to the Alpha Doc« and DocuPunch« punching machines, the Wire-O« Bind 3500 is a high speed, instantly adjustable binding machine with a patented closing unit that positions and feeds the book without the need for stops or paper guides.
Binds books 1/4" to 1-1/4" at a rate up to 1000 books per hour, depending on format, paper quality and operator skill.

Features and benefits:
  • binding formats: min. 65 x 80mm - max. 350 x 350mm
  • booktickness: 1.5mm to 28mm
  • output rates of 500 to 1000 books per hour 
  • user-friendly and simple touch screen, controlling all dynamic size and format adjustments, settings and
        change overs
  • no closing tools needed
  • optional hanger feeder with hanger formats between 76mm and 150mm
  • max. 2 skip binds 
  • no compressed air needed
Technical specs:
  • dimensions LxDxH: 210 x 83 x 118cm
  • power: 220/240v - single phase - 50Hz
  • weight: 290kg

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