Binding - GLUEBINDING - TC-5500

The perfect system for strong and professional EVA glue-binding of a large variety of substrates including digital printed sheets!
A unique slitting and fanning device allows a high levelled contact of glue to all sheets to be bound. Professional multi-layer glueassembly including reverse rotating smoothening roller. Up to 300 books can be produced per hour.
Through a central operator panel the system is controlled and operated.
By "Start + Go"button the binding process runs fully automatic. No special skilled operator is necessary.

Features and benefits:
  • pneumatic bookclamp
  • rotational scuffing with dust removal
  • multi-layer glueing station with 3 rollers and scraper blade
  • pneumatic coverclamp
  • semi-automatic cycle (manual cover positioning)
  • easy change between books and pads
  • selectable scuffing device
  • integrated fumes-exhaust
Technical Specifications:
  • max. booksize: 310mm(spine) x 320mm
  • max. coversize: 320mm(spine) x 480mm  
  • min./max. bookthickness: 2mm up to 50mm 
  • speed: up to 300 books/hr.
  • heating time: 30 - 40min
  • glue temperature: 100 - 190░C 
  • power: 220-240VAC - 50Hz - 2,3KW
  • weight: 230Kg
  • dimensions LxWxH: 138 x 51 x 124cm