Printing - PERIPHERALS - 100% INSPECTION - Printvision HELIOS

PrintVision/Helios delivers measurable benefits in a market where
competition is fierce. Pressure on prices, on the one hand; higher
quality demands on the other. PrintVision/Helios addresses these
realities by lowering waste, and making every delivery a showcase
of impeccable quality.
Use your PrintVision/Helios quality report as your Guarantee to quality.
100% is quite a statement.
Promise your customers 100% Quality Assurance, strive to really deliver
on it, and see profits rise while waste shrivels.
Now it's possible.
In the challenging Label Printing market, particularly in pharmaceutical
and cosmetic applications, where every letter of the fine print counts -
PrintVision/Helios integrates into the critical stages of your workflow.
Detects print and production defects tailored to the label printers needs
  • Missing labels
  • Color deviations
  • Misprint
  • Spots
  • Streaking
  • Hazing
  • Character flaws
  • Die cut registration
  • Imperfet matrix removal
    and more...
Inspects paper, film, foils, any Label stocks, including transparent and reflective materials.
So many advantages - Runtime/Rewinder
  • 100% inspection 100% of the time (all the time, every time)
  • No label size limitation
  • Marks and classifies all defects (in every stage of your workflow)
  • Reduces waste (run-time)
  • Eliminates customer rejections (rewinder)
  • Increased customer satisfaction (in every application, naturally!)
Add On Advantages
  • Reflective Module - for reflective materials Inspection
  • Optional color LCCD camera

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