Polyurethane hotmelts are the champions of the adhesives. The excellent adhesion with the paper edges ensures an exceptionally high bond strength. During the curing a reaction occures between the polyurethane hotmelt and the humidity of the air and the paper.

This new generation of adhesives is distinguished by the exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of papers and other materials. With a layer thickness of only 0.3 to 0.6 mm, they differ significantly from conventional adhesive systems. Depending on the humidity and the moisture of the paper is 50 to 80% of the adhesion strength is already reached after 6 hours. The final curing is achieved after 24 hours.

After reaction, the Purmelt film demonstrates a high flexibility at high and low temperatures. Brochures glued with Purmelt retain their quality up to 120░ C and remain elastic rather than to become brittle, and this to a temperature of -40░ C.