Zeiser Offers State-of-the-Art Mechatronic Numbering Technology

Zeiser produces traditional, small-scale, high-precision numbering machines capable of printing individual number codes with up to 43 digits onto banknotes, revenue seals and checks.
Before printing, each imprint receives a new sequence of numbers. It is then combined with a highly accurate computer-based control system which makes the process even more flexible.

State-of-the art Computer Random Numbering (CRN) applications generate random number sequences in addition to pre-setting leading and trailing digits as well as a certain number of sequences. This enables even the smallest print runs to be carried out economically as no tooling-up is required.
Zeiser's numbering technology covers 95% of the currency production worldwide. As an example, more than twenty million U.S. banknotes are numbered daily using Zeiser's rotary numbering boxes.