Printing - PACKAGING UV FLEXO - M5 Line

The "digital" Revolution, for unlimited substrates
M5, the "unlimited substrates" press. BOBST Digital Automation™ concept transforms flexo printing and die-cutting into a "digital" process.
A "digital work flow" with integrated printing and converting technologies allows for 10 meters of waste and 1 minute for each job change, the highest quality consistency, and the lowest operating costs.
A true "digital" revolution for the Labels and Packaging industry.

Web width: 370 - 430 - 530mm
  • Over-dimensioned chilled drums for "positive" web transportation on most "delicate" substrates
  • Easy BOBST Ready™ drop-in technology (for fast interchangeability of flexo, screen and hot foil
  • Digital Flexo 4.0™ for  "closed loop" "pro-active" print quality/PDF control at all speeds
  • Digital Flexo™ and DigiGap™ for  digitally automated print and die-cutting pressure control the shortest "digital" set
        up time and waste digitally assisted, consistent quality during production
  • DigiMount™ for true Digital Work Flow, from plate mounting to the press
  • High-quality print cylinders, min. 5 ½" repeat, to reduce cost of flexo plates
  • Metronome™ high-speed semi-rotary die-cutting to reduce cost of flexible dies
  • ExcelCut™ and ExcelDie™ for automated exchange of flexible dies and magnetic cylinders
  • Excellence™ for automated exchange of flexo print cylinders.
M5: the "digital" revolution in the Labels and Packaging industry.
"digital" micro-runs, long runs, profit, quality, all-in-one press.