Printing - LABELS UV FLEXO - M4 Line

The perfect press to print with excellent register quality
The most effective printing press line in Bobst portfolio, M4 takes the advantages of Digital Flexo™ and Excellence™ technologies with the simplest and most durable semi-servo electronic drive.
M4 line introduces new accuracy standards in servo controls and in manufacturing, to achieve excellent register quality and stability, to eventually print extended 7 colour gamut with perfect registration, at all speeds.
M4, M5 and M6 presses share the same technology platform to perform the full BOBST Digital Automation program.
Free and flexible configuration dedicated to labels and flexible packaging converters, the M4 is available in two configurations: M4 for labels and films & M4L for PS labels

Web width: 370 - 430 - 530mm
  • Short web path
  • Over-dimensioned chilled drums for "positive" web transportation on most "delicate" substrates
  • "Easy" drop-in technology for fast interchangeability of flexo, screen and hot foil
  • Digital Flexo™ and DigiGap™ for digitally automated print and die-cutting pressure control, the shortest "digital" set
        up time and waste digitally assisted, consistent quality during production
  • Digital Flexo 4.0™ for "closed loop" "pro-active" print quality/PDF control at all speeds
  • DigiMount™ for true Digital Work Flow from plate mounting to the press
  • Min 5,5" print repeat, to reduce cost of flexo plates
  • Metronome™ high speed semi rotary die-cutting, to reduce cost of flexible dies
  • ExcelCut™ and ExcelDie™ for automated exchange of flexible dies and magnetic cylinders
  • ExcelPrint™ for automated exchange of flexo print cylinder
  • Digital Automation ready for REVO Standards
The perfect press to reduce speed change effects during production.