With Kelva's adhesive rolls and polymer rollers you can reduce contimination up to 98%.
They can be applicated in every industry where a contact web cleaner can be used.
Kelva adhesive rolls have a very high adhesive coat weight for good pick-up of the dust. A consistent wind quality ensures uniform contact with the polymer roller. 
We can also produce to fit non-Kelva cleaners.

Application: in every industry where a contact web cleaner can be used

Paper length: 76mm (3") id core (standard) - 20m long rolls
                       150mm (6") id core - 40m long rolls
                       Standard and non standard widths available from
                       120mm to 1500mm

Option: sheeted pre-cut with 63 sheets per roll

Core material: high impact polystyrene

Adhesive paper: pre-selected and tested for thickness, consistency and 
                           pro­file to ensure constant wind quality
                           The paper is moisture resistant to ensure the  
                           material re­mains stable during transit, storage and 

Traceability: each individual roll carries a batch reference code for total   
                      traceability back to raw material and processing data

Packaging: individually film wrapped, packed in custom sized protec­tive  
                   tubes and sealed with end bungs 

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